I am currently working on my new me, aren’t we all? Professionally, I am a former Library Media Specialist and Teacher. I lived and worked for 30+ years in Wisconsin. I absolutely loved both vocations and bring that kind of passion for helping others into my current pursuit as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. Personally, I am a mother of three lovely adult children. I raised them as a single mother for over twenty years. Now I am happily remarried and living in Tucson, Arizona. Unfortunately for me, my children are living in areas far from me, so our visits are mostly virtual. I also suffer from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain and fatigue syndrome that I have had since my early twenties. This condition led me to an early retirement and my relocation to the Southwest. I bless all of the people and experiences that have shaped my life thus far. I am grateful beyond words.

Recently I graduated from The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix, AZ, with a certification as a Wellness Healer. Throughout my time studying with the Institute, I have met and been touched by fellow students, teachers and volunteer clients who have shared their many gifts and talents with me. I am so grateful. Now a bit about the services and products that I offer.

Life coaching is an amazing service that everyone can and should use. In this work, I help clients to identify goals that they hope to achieve in areas ranging from work to personal relationships. In some respects, this service may be compared to therapeutic counselling. However, in Life Coaching, the approach is that you, the client, already have the answers to all of your problems. As a Life Coach, I facilitate you uncover those answers. I am dedicated to hearing all of your concerns and providing a path forward directed your deepest held beliefs. This can be a profound experience. I believe we all hold the keys to our future success within us.

Hypnotherapy is the second service I provide and it can play a part in the process of Life Coaching or it can stand alone in providing answers to life’s problems. Using hypnotherapy allows you to communicate with your subconscious, with the hypnotherapist as facilitator, and address patterns of behavior that may be limiting your access to your full potential. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in helping such intractable issues as phobias, weight reduction, smoking cessation among the most notable. It is also very effective in addressing blocks for career advancement, romantic relationships, or simply being happy. In my practice, I specialize in Past Life Regression and Life between Lives Regression therapy as a way to heal traumas held in the body in this lifetime, as well as, to heal wounds generated in past lives. Even more profound is the experience of going to the place we find ourselves in between lives. It is here that we may meet our soul mate, our soul group, our spirit guide, and even the “Elders” that help us determine future life experiences.

Life coaching and hypnotherapy provide options for personal growth and physical and emotional wellness that may not be found when working with most traditional healers. Many people find that the journey to wellness is not something they will achieve by traditional medicine by itself. For many the journey may require time and exploration of many healing modalities before experiencing lasting results. Further, there is absolutely no reason to feel that this journey must be attempted alone. Finding a caring, compassionate healer that puts the client’s dreams and desires, as well as their inner resources, ahead of all else is truly a life changing and life affirming event. This is the professional standard to which I hold myself in order to best serve my clients.

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