Connecting with Spirit Guides

Sometimes it seems like everything about our lives here on Earth is surrounded and shaped through mystery. Most of us have no idea why we are here except what others tell us or through reading or watching things on television or the Internet. So we start out with Mom or Dad or whomever telling us who we are and what we’re doing here. It could be anything from “You are my precious Angel and you will do great things in your life” to “You are nothing but a pain in the butt and you will never amount to anything” and anything in between. So through these messages we try to sort out what kind of person we are and how we should act and what we should expect. Although some people seem to get this pretty readily, most find that the messaging is quite contradictory and makes us generally feel lousy about the state of the world and our place in it. For example, if you were raised in a Christian household, you may have learned in Church and at home that we should all love each other and treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Then you go to school and for some reason, some kids or teachers or both don’t really seem to like you. They might also treat you as if you are less than they are. This is a small example of all the contradictions and sometimes outright lies that each person absorbs daily and then tries to integrate into their lives and who they think they are.

Up until now, most people have brought in information through their 5 senses.There have always been some who have been able to tap into people, places and things that are not available to most. With the predominance of science, these people have been either pushed to the side or eliminated altogether. Interestingly enough, it is science that is leading the way for a shift in this paradigm. The new quantum physics lets us know that not only is everything made up of energy, but that there is a thing called entanglement that tells us that if 2 atoms are entangled, then whatever happens to one will have a direct and instantaneous (although not necessarily identical) effect on the other. This one concept opens the door for the legitimization of clairvoyance, clairaudience, time travel, and a multidimensional universe.Indeed it leads to the idea that everything in the universe is made of consciousness. With this understanding all the ideas that have been blown off for centuries can now come back into the light of day and be discussed and pursued. Ideas like; angels, spirit guides, karma, reincarnation, out of body experiences or astral projection should now be on the table as legitimate and discussed openly. People should not lose their lives or their livelihoods because they entertain these ideas or openly endorse them as has happened in the past.

There are many methods for getting in touch with who you really are. Hypnosis is one of those techniques that uses a combination of relaxation, visualization and suggestion to help move beyond the conscious mind and into a space of greater connection with the higher self. Typically people turn to hypnosis to fix a problem that they feel they have such as smoking or weight loss. There are avenues, however, that can lead to a place of spiritual connection. Past life regressions, life between lives regression, connecting with the Akashic Records or connecting with spirit guides are a few examples. In the case of connecting with a spirit guide, this type of connection can bring about tremendous spiritual growth. Creating this connection through hypnosis can help clarify messages that were not previously understood as such. The unseen world of spirit tries very diligently to help humans when they are incarnate on Earth, but they will do so in ways that most humans do not understand. So you may get a cold, break a leg, or unexpectedly receive a financial windfall and these could all be messages from a spirit guide, angel or some other being to help you move in a direction you might not have considered. Through hypnosis you may connect with your spirit guide or higher self and then ask directly for guidance on any specific matter. The thing to keep in mind is that the answers will probably not be in the form that we are used to. In other words, you may ask if you should take this new job that is being offered, and the answer may come as a yes or no, but it also may not come at all during the session that it is asked. The answer may come in the form of a metaphor, for example you may keep getting the image of a huge lush green tree. This could mean abundance and growth, or it could mean something else entirely. As you practice connecting to spirit, whether with hypnosis or some other method, you will begin to understand more and more what the messages are and how to interpret them. These connections move you along your path of spiritual growth and will lead to greater comfort and ease in your life as you begin to become a more integrated human. If you are interested in experiencing connecting to your spirit guide, please check out my store for a digital download to aid in this process.

Published by Laura Tuzzolino

Laura Tuzzolino is a mind/body wellness practitioner who specializes in hypnotherapy and life coaching. She began her business, Soul Attunement Energy Healing, with a focus on providing opportunities for clients to explore their personal power of healing. She has helped clients move on from insomnia, anxiety, and emotional pain to experience a release of negative programming and find a more peaceful and fulfilling approach to life. Laura’s journey has been one of devotion to emotional and spiritual growth that she constantly shares in meaningful ways with as many people as possible to help them further their own growth. Laura is currently married to a wonderful man and shares a blended family with him that includes 6 children, 3 grandchildren and 2 dogs. She loves to read and meditate and makes sure to spend time each day in nature, walking her dogs, swimming or just being. She is truly grateful for a career spent sharing her love of reading and learning with students of all ages as both a librarian and teacher. She enjoys traveling and camping with her husband and dogs, as well as golfing whenever possible. She is also an avid fan of Packers football even though she has relocated to Arizona. Go Pack! She has had some really amazing experiences in her life including living in Alaska for a few years and surviving an F5 tornado in high school. She has however never really had a head for maps or directions. One time while moving from Alaska to the lower 48, she was given the job of navigator while riding with her father in the moving van. All she had to do was read the map, and tell her father where and when to turn. She had no confidence in her ability to do this correctly and is if by magic, the universe did it’s best to help her fulfill her notion that she wasn’t a good map reader. For example, in those days people used paper fold up maps to find their way to their destinations. It so happened that the map that she was using had been folded and unfolded so many times that there was a hole in the map. Where do you think that hole ended up being? You guessed it! Exactly on the spot where they were supposed to turn to head south. But that really wasn’t enough to make sure that her prophecy was fulfilled. It also came to pass that at the very moment that she and her father drove by the sign that also indicated where they should turn, at that very moment, road crews were repairing that sign so that it too was not visible. Luckily for her, her father was very gifted when it came to knowing the direction he wanted to go vs. the direction he was heading and within 30 minutes realized that they were heading back north. The moral of this story is to be mindful of how you see yourself in the world because the universe will do everything in its power to manifest all that you think about yourself and all that you think of others.

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